Roger Corman Master Class: THE LADY IN RED (1979) with special guest John Sayles

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Digital Screen Room Tue, Jan 19 7:00 PM


This event is part of the Roger Corman Master Class. Learn more about the other events in the series. Package discounts available.

This 4-week study of Corman's career will be hosted by Hollywood Theatre head programmer Dan Halsted. Each installment will focus on a different film produced in Corman's "factory" and will explore different facets of Corman's career. This installment is on THE LADY IN RED (1979).

We can't provide the films themselves, but all are easily rentable on major streaming platforms. The classes will be streamed via Vimeo, and attendees will have the opportunity to submit questions for Dan and our guests via chat. (If you want to participate in the chat via mobile, you will need to download the Vimeo app.)

Please contact if you have questions about accessibility.

THE LADY IN RED (1979): In 1970, Julie Corman married Roger Corman, and began producing movies as well. Using the same core group of actors and directors, she produced a string of hits in the 1970s and ’80s. Her best film (and possibly the best film ever made in the Corman factory) was THE LADY IN RED, written by John Sayles (MATEWAN) and directed by Lewis Teague. Writer John Sayles joins us for the discussion.

Set during the Great Depression, a young woman (Pamela Sue Martin) leaves the family farm and heads to Chicago. She toils away in a sweatshop, works in a dance hall, does a stretch in prison, is forced into prostitution, and becomes the unsuspecting girlfriend of notorious gangster John Dillinger. Fed up with the limits society has placed upon her, she grabs a Tommy Gun and sets out with a plan.

About John Sayles: John Sayles is one of the most celebrated writers and directors in American cinema. He started his career writing scripts for Roger Corman, including THE HOWLING, THE LADY IN RED and PIRANHA. He's gone on to direct such acclaimed films as MATEWAN, BROTHER FROM ANOTHER PLANET, THE SECRET OF ROAN INISH and LONE STAR.