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60 years ago, Alfred Hitchcock released PSYCHO, a film that shocked audiences, exploded filmmaking conventions, and made us think twice before hopping in the shower. In this MMU Online seminar, mild-mannered, seemingly harmless instructor Ted Hurliman examines the origins, influences, and reception of Hitchcock's most famous film, and dives into the techniques and twists that make PSYCHO one of the most revered and most discussed films of all time.

The lecture is meant to be watched before watching the film. Then, find and watch the film on your own, and finish up with the recording of the live Q&A (where spoilers will almost certainly be discussed!)  For each course, the "click to stream" button will take you to a Vimeo showcase that contains two videos. Watch the lecture first, and then select the discussion from the dropdown menu in the Vimeo player.

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY FOR MEMBERS. Simply log into your account and then come back to this page and click "Click to Stream".