Shorts Block 1: Isolation

  • Hello Mexico Hello Mexico
  • Her Voice Her Voice
  • Jewel Marvel Jewel Marvel
  • Princess Stephaney Princess Stephaney
  • Queer Isolation Queer Isolation
  • Roadkill Roadkill
  • Rotten Fruit Rotten Fruit
  • The Fairy Tale The Fairy Tale
  • Touching An Elephant Touching An Elephant
  • You Can Run You Can Run

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The loneliness and detachment brought by the pandemic is not unfamiliar to members of LGBTQIA+ communities. These films explore isolation and marginalization tied to identity—from coping with physical distancing in the era of COVID-19 to the unjust political systems that deny queer people their basic human rights.

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Included Shorts

Roadkill (15min) More
Her Voice (7min) More
The Fairy Tale (16min) More
Princess Stephaney (13min) More
Hello Mexico (3min) More
Queer Isolation (12min) More
You Can Run (2min) More
Touching An Elephant (15min) More
Rotten Fruit (7min) More
Jewel Marvel (6min) More