Shorts Block 3: Ritual

  • Bellydance Vogue Bellydance Vogue
  • Breaking The Silence Breaking The Silence
  • Come Home Come Home
  • Communion Communion
  • Free To Be Free To Be
  • Genderfucked Genderfucked
  • In Your Hands (Nelle tue Mani) In Your Hands (Nelle tue Mani)
  • Of Hearts and Castles Of Hearts and Castles
  • Queer Fear Queer Fear
  • Swivel Swivel
  • With My Sword of Tears With My Sword of Tears

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How we cope with anxiety, fear and pressure can take different shape. These stories glide through processes that embody the discomfort of acknowledging origins of trauma or conflict, and how we build rituals around our healing.

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Included Shorts

Queer Fear (5min) More
In Your Hands (Nelle tue Mani) (14min) More
With My Sword of Tears (4min) More
Come Home (8min) More
Swivel (7min) More
Breaking The Silence (5min) More
Genderfucked (11min) More
Of Hearts and Castles (15min) More
Bellydance Vogue (5min) More
Free To Be (13min) More
Communion (9min) More