Shorts Block 4: Ecstasy

  • AJE IJO Series: Immortal AJE IJO Series: Immortal
  • Angel and Opal Angel and Opal
  • Beat 97 Beat 97
  • Bodies of Desire Bodies of Desire
  • Gamut Gamut
  • Karaoke Karaoke
  • Mask Off Mask Off
  • Out Out
  • Playing for Keeps Playing for Keeps
  • Satan's Tears Satan's Tears
  • The Peach Scarf (L’écharpe pêche) The Peach Scarf (L’écharpe pêche)

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At the helm of transformation there lies a palpable link to celebration. As we traverse the difficulty of being a living being in the world that has been created, we, especially as queer folk, are capable of a tremendously colorful catharsis. These shorts remind us of the sometimes poetic, sometimes unimaginable ways in which we can reconnect to our strength, confidence and joy.

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Included Shorts

Satan's Tears (5min) More
Beat 97 (12min) More
Out (7min) More
The Peach Scarf (L’écharpe pêche) (4min) More
Mask Off (16min) More
Angel and Opal (7min) More
Playing for Keeps (5min) More
Gamut (3min) More
Bodies of Desire (4min) More
Karaoke (16min) More
AJE IJO Series: Immortal (14min) More