MMU Online: '90s Cult Horror



Digital Screen Room Tue, Dec 7 7:00 PM


Please note that this 100% online class does not include film screenings. You will need to find and watch the movies on your own, and then join us virtually for a brief lecture and instructor-led discussion on Zoom. All movies are streaming for less than $5 on major platforms.

Though often overshadowed by the horror heavyweights that emerged from the '80s, the ’90s were not without some standout films. Whether they played with the genre, came from a veteran filmmaker, or broadened the definition of "scary," the horror films of the '90s left their mark.

This course will feature a woman-helmed VHS classic, an auteur's first film, a legendary small-screen crossover, and a trip into pure madness.

This virtual class consists of a weekly, instructor-led discussion on Zoom. You will need to find and watch the movies on your own. Classes will be held Tuesdays in December at 7:00pm. Tuition is $40 for the four-week class, $35 for Hollywood Theatre and Movie Madness Members.

This class will be taught by Kia Anne Geraths, a filmmaker and educator. Her previous MMU classes include International Cult Horror of the 1970s, Women in Documentary Filmmaking, and more.


Tuesday, December 7: MIRROR MIRROR (1990)
Tuesday, December 14: TALES FROM THE CRYPT: DEMON KNIGHT (1995)
Tuesday, December 21: CRONOS (1993)
Tuesday, December 28: IN THE MOUTH OF MADNESS (1995)